The rise and fall of Harlem: the conspiracy to retake Harlem. Fact or Fiction? Part five

This will
be a sought of pre-recap/summary before I conclude this series in the next and
final part. (Part 6) so the bottom line is this, like it or not, black people
were not brought over to America in slave ships to be producers for themselves (or
ourselves). No, instead we were brought over here to the HELLS of North America
to be producers for white America. We were not brought over here to help the Native
Americans. We brought over here to be fools and tools for white America. Surely
you didn’t think that the enemy brought us 9,000 miles from Africa to America
so he could help us open up a steak and take, or a boutique or to help us get a
SBA loan so we may do for self.  And this
is not hate or rhetoric; this is the un-disputable, in-refutable un-deniable
fact, proof and history of our sojourn in America.

  • From the author
    Samuel Goode in his book entitled “Turning to the south” he states the
    following: “and all the gold mines of
    the world have not produced enough gold in 500 years to pay for thirty crops of
    the south’s cotton, and all the silver mines of the world for same 500 years
    produced $500,000,000 less than the value of the south’s thirty years cotton
  • From the Atlanta Constitution it calculated that
    the thirty years after emancipation “ the
    nations cotton crop generated nearly $8.5 billion (now worth $224 Billion)  nearly triple the amount of money generated
    from the production of gold and silver in the united states in the previous

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